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The team at Exhibitor Kit is available to help you with using this system and to resolve any difficulties or problems you may have while using it.

Please note that NON-TECHNICAL and ADMINISTRATIVE enquiries about shows or exhibitor services must be directed to the appropriate event organizer or supplier.

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Help notes & Frequently Asked Questions

These general notes will help you get the best from your use of the emsystem site. You will find more specific help for individual events in the appropriate show pages, usually in the Welcome or General Information pages.If these notes do not deal with a specific problem, Exhibitor Kit can assist you with technical difficulties. Just return to the Customer Service page and submit a Service Request to us. Your request will be answered quickly by our support team. Please note that ALL non-technical and administrative enquiries about shows or exhibitor services must be directed to the appropriate event organizer or service provider.

Setting up your Web browser

This Web site uses Java and Javascript programming to build the pages that you see and use; it also uses advanced security software to protect your access and the data stored in the databases. Consequently, your Web browser must be set up to operate correctly in this environment. Your default options and settings will usually be sufficient, but following the guidelines below will help.

All browsers

In order to use certain functions in our system (such as the interactive booth layout module), you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player - Version 9 or newer. You can download the player software free of charge from Adobe - click here - and install it in the browser you are using. This system uses a temporary 'cookie' as a means of retaining your session data. This does not present any risk to your system, and is usually deleted when you log out. You need to ensure that 'cookies' are enabled in your browser. If necessary, these can be restricted just to our domains - and

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Make sure you are using Version 6 or later of Internet Explorer.
Enable the use of style sheets:
in Tools|Internet Options...|General, select the Accessibility... button. Make sure all of the checkboxes in this window are clear (unchecked).

Enable scripting and temporary session 'cookies', both used by E=mc²: in Tools|Internet Options...|Security, select the Custom Level... button for the Internet zone.
Make sure that all scripting and cookie options are enabled.

Enable SSL security features:
in Tools|Internet Options..., select the Advanced tab. Scroll down the list to the Security section. Make sure that Use SSL 2.0 and Use SSL 3.0 are checked.

Some features of the site may require the download of files for offline display, or additional ActiveX controls.
These use FTP protocol for downloading, and therefore you should enable this in Explorer: in Tools|Internet Options..., select the Advanced tab. Scroll down the list and ensure that the Use Web based FTP option is checked.
(Apple Macintosh users only) Disable automatic completion of forms:
from the Edit menu, select Preferences... Under the Forms Auto-Fill tab, select the Forms AutoComplete option, and ensure it is disabled.

Important security note

Because this site uses SSL security features, it may not be possible to access it from behind a security firewall. If you are operating in an environment that is protected by a firewall - for example, in a company network - your system administrator may need to make some changes to the way your browser is set up. Ask your system administrator for assistance with this. For their reference, we use port 443 for SSL transfers.

Q: When I try to log in to EMSystem, I just get a blank page, and the (URL) address bar in my browser contains garbage (eg. "/not%20logged%20in").
A: This indicates that you are accessing the Internet through a proxy server or firewall, and that server has not been configured to run all Java software (especially Microsoft Java). You should consult your network administrator for further assistance.
Q: I have registered via your home page, but in my own home page I cannot see the show for which I have booked - why not?
A: Registering via our home page allows you to view our marketing information and the demonstration shows. Only the event organizer can register you for a live event as an exhibitor. You should be notified automatically of your login details when you book with an organizer, but if not, you must contact them for that information - Exhibitor Kit is not permitted to register new exhibitors for any event.
Q: I have forgotten my login details (username and/or password) - what should I do?
A: The login page for your show contains a special link at the bottom of the page - 'Forgotten Password'. Follow this link and you will be asked for your e-mail address. If you are registered in the database, your login details will be e-mailed automatically to you at that address. If not, the e-mail will recommend you contact your show organizer for further assistance.
Q: When I am viewing pages in the manual, using the BACK button causes an error - why is this?
A: EMSystem is a secure site, with all programming supported by a database - in other words, each page you see is configured dynamically for viewing at the time when the page is selected. Because information in the database can change while a page is being viewed, pages 'expire' after a few seconds, and therefore it is not possible to use the BACK button to re-visit them.
Q: My browser is set to block pop-ups, and I cannot download reports from EMSystem - is there a way around this?
A: For most situations, the answer is to hold down the Control (CTRL) key while clicking on the Download Report button in the reporting system. Alternatively, simply switch off the pop-up blocker while running reports and switch it back on afterwards.
Q: Why can I not access a manual page directly, without having to navigate via the home page?
A: The secure and dynamic features of EMSystem mean that you must be logged into the system before accessing individual pages of a manual. This is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your (or anyone else's) information.
Q: I have been away from my computer for a while, and now cannot navigate the system - why?
A: In order to ensure that there is no wastage of server resources for the many users of the system, your session terminates automatically after 30 minutes of no activity. You just need to log in again to continue your work.