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At Exhibitor-Kit, we strive to make it easy for you to help us configure your exhibitor information, services and forms in EMSystem. These notes are designed to guide you through the process and explain the sequence of actions that are required by both you and us. Please read them carefully. We have provided an Organiser's Checklist for you to use as a helpful quick reference.

Usually, we will produce the necessary Web pages and documents in the central database for everything concerning your show. We aim to get it right first time for you, but that is dependent on the amount of planning done by both of us at the beginning, and the quality and accuracy of the data that you provide to us. It also depends on the level and quality of communication between our two organisations. Please note that in some circumstances, additional charges may be necessary for extra work that we have to do as a result of misinformation.

Once we have received your order to proceed with a show, the production process begins with the assignment of an Exhibitor-Kit Project Manager to your project. This person will be your main production contact, who will liaise with our other production, technical and sales people at Exhibitor-Kit and provide direct support to a similar liaison person with your organisation. It is important that we both have that single channel of communication to avoid conflicting information and lack of communication.

We also provide centralised e-mail, phone and fax contacts, so that your information can be disseminated to the right people here, and your queries can be answered quickly in the event that your Project Manager is not available at any time. These contacts are:

  General Contact
  Phone: +44 (0)845 652 4321
+44 (0)845 652 4322

When using e-mail or fax, please ensure that the subject line contains the name of the show to which the message relates, and that you provide us with as much information as possible to identify you and your show.


The general process for configuring a show for you is as follows:

  1. We meet with you to define the structure and content of your site, including any custom options, and agree a target timetable for production and going 'live'. You will need to complete the top section of the Organiser's Checklist to get us started;
  2. You provide us with all of the site content, including text, graphics, documents, forms, contact information, service supplier information, etc. We prefer to have all of this information in our hands before we start;
  3. We examine all of the source material and plan its implementation in the system. This phase also includes where necessary contacting service providers to obtain their information. Then we configure the show in EMSystem, make sure it is complete and check it in-house;
  4. The show is handed over to you for checking. Final changes are made by us following your feedback on what we have done. When you are happy with the show site, we ask you to sign it off as completed;
  5. You send us your list of registered exhibitors for the event, and we load that into the database and notify the exhibitors on your behalf, so that they can start using the site;
  6. Once the show is live, we will provide you with the necessary information to enable you to maintain and manage the system and to make your own adjustments to it as time goes on. On-site training can also be provided.

Each step is described in detail below. Please make sure you follow the various instructions and formats, as they are designed to make life easier for both of us. You should use the Organiser's Checklist as your quick reference for the things you have to do.


Menu System

When exhibitors use EMSystem, their main way of navigating it is to use a simple menu system, with a number of levels available to access more detail. We try to keep the number of levels to a minimum - normally no more than three - to make it straightforward for exhibitors to navigate.

The structure of your site is therefore governed by this menu system, and experience has shown us that there is a fairly standard structure which we provide as a template - the Menu Template - that you should download and use as your brief to us. You will need to edit the menu item names in this file to suit your structure, and point us to the documents or links that should be associated with each item.

Remember that there are standard buttons that appear on all exhibitor pages, in a toolbar at the top of the window. These provide access to system-wide functions such as the deadline checklist and exhibitor profile.

Window Design

All of your site content will be viewed in a standard window, which is split into a number of regions:

  Header area An area across the top of the window, which can contain your show branding and corporate logo.  
  Toolbar area A bar above the header area that contains standard site-wide controls.  
  Menu area The menu sidebar, with which exhibitors navigate the site. This can also contain some graphics.  
  Main page The body of the page, in which all site content is displayed. This usually follows our standard styles, on a pale background (to facilitate printing).  
  Footer area (Optional) A bar across the bottom of the page, which contains the current page name and other information.  

The Sample Screen page show how a typical window is laid out, and provides technical information for designers. All screens are capable of display on a window size of 800x600 pixels or larger. A fixed page width of 768 pixels is used throughout.

Customisation of the screen layout is done within the system - all we need from you is the component graphics and your instructions about colours and fonts.


Digital files must be delivered in PC format, preferably by e-mail, but we can also accept files on diskette, ZIP disk or CD-ROM.

Text Documents

We expect all text data to be provided digitally, in one of the following formats:

  Plain (raw) text
Microsoft Word

Other formats may be acceptable, but will incur additional charges for text extraction or conversion. Your Project Manager will be able to advise you.

Standard Logo Specifications

For the Online Manual

The organiser may opt to have a maximum of two logos which will be displayed at the top of the screen. These are the show logo and the organiser logo, displayed respectively at the left and right hand side of the screen. The show information will be displayed between these two logos or to the right of the show logo, depending upon the space required to successfully display the show information in the style of the organiser's choosing.

Logos should be supplied as non-interlaced GIFs. The dimension specifications for both logos are as follows:

Height: between 50-120 pixels (in increments of 10 pixels e.g 50, 60, 70, 80 etc.)

Width: If displaying only 1 logo, this should be a maximum of 768 pixels wide. If displaying 2 logos, each should be a maximum of 100 pixels wide.

For the Catalogue (and upgrade)

The catalogue logo should be supplied in GIF format, 640 pixels wide x 72 pixels high.

Contact Information

For every contact mentioned in your manual (including contractors and suppliers), and especially for order forms, we must have the following information:

  Contact name
Full company name and address
Telephone and fax numbers
E-mail address
Web site URL (optional)

It helps if all contacts have been carefully checked for accuracy (especially e-mail addresses) before we get them!


For each exhibitor form in your manual, there are several pieces of information that we need to be able to program and control how services and forms are handled. You will need to list every form in the manual, along with information such as:

  Form or service deadline date
Details of recipient for orders (ie. contractor, supplier, organiser)
E-mail address of recipient
Details of prices and payment methods, if applicable

We request that you use the Order Form Template for each form in your manual, so that we have everything we need to know before we start programming.

Floor Plans

If you wish to have your show floor plans available for exhibitors to view, we prefer to receive them in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. We can convert AutoCAD DWF files to PDF format at extra cost.


Once we have all of your content and instructions, we can start configuring your show in the system. It is important during this stage that we are able to have quick contact with the appropriate people on your side to answer detailed questions. Your Exhibitor-Kit Project Manager may also wish to show you online what has been done to address a particular issue, so that you can comment and approve.

We will notify you when the complete site is ready for viewing and checking, usually two weeks before the target 'live' date. This gives us both time to check thoroughly the content and navigation, and ensure that everything is operating correctly. When you are happy to proceed, we will ask you to 'sign off' the site as approved for open viewing.


The last step before going live is to load the list of registered exhibitors into our database. Don't worry if the list is not complete, as you can add new exhibitors online later. The exhibitor list MUST be in the correct format for straightforward migration to the database - please download the Exhibitor List Template (an Excel file) for detailed specifications of what we require. The list itself MUST be supplied using THIS Microsoft Excel CSV spreadsheet. Click here for an example of a typical completed template. Your Project Manager will advise you how to meet this requirement.

When the site first goes live, the exhibitors will be given a username and password that has been agreed between us. The username can for example be email address, company name or stand number. The password can for example be show name or code or the system can auto-generate a password consisting of random numbers.
Whether the exhibitors should be allowed to change their login details and contact details once they have logged into the system, is your choice.

Exhibitor Notification

The final action is to notify your exhibitors that the event site is open for them to use. This can be carried out automatically by e-mail at the time when your exhibitor list is imported to the database, based on draft text that you will be asked to provide. It is therefore important that you provide a proper e-mail address for each exhibitor. Any exhibitors who have not supplied you with their e-mail address will need to be notified by you of their login information - they will be able to log into the system, but will be asked for their e-mail address before they can use the manual.
Alternatively you can notify the exhibitors yourself, in which case we will provide you with the necessary information you need to send the exhibitors.


You will wish to link to the Exhibitor Manual directly from your show Web site, so that exhibitors have a seamless way of using all of the services that you offer. When the site is signed off by you, we will give you its full Web address for you to pass on to your Web team - this can then be incorporated as a link from your main show site. Equally, of course, we will be happy to provide links from the system back to your main site.